17 Ocak 2016 Pazar

Brusless 2axis gimbal new firmware for clone gimbals 2.40b8



Firmware for genuine boards: SimpleBGC_2_40b8.enc.hex (80Kb 23.12.2015)
New! Firmware for clones (see instructions above): SimpleBGC_2_40b8.hex (80Kb 16.01.2015)
GUI (Windows, OS X, Linux):
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_40b8.zip (5Mb 24.03.2014)

  • Upper limit for PID values was increased to 255 (2.55 for I)
  • Upper limit for RC speed was increased to 255 and its effect was decreased 4x times to get finer step in adjustment
  • (GUI) "Erase EEPROM" menu command

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